Coast to Coast Data Search Technology

Coast to Coast Data Search is a research alliance of seasoned professionals that specializes in operational tactics of reconnaissance and surveillance, conducting data and intelligence gathering for a diverse clientele.

To achieve this, we utilize an array of tools at your disposal providing litigation prep and damage assessment. These include comprehensive interviews, national databases, and the latest in surface-to-air surveillance. We deploy drones where permissible by FAA regulations for surveillance, and Sub Rosa team insertions.


We employ the latest technologically advanced land video camera equipment recording in HD resolution with high intensity zoom capabilities. Our collection of reliable covert camera equipment provides powerful and effective full-sized video images. HDR flat photo land cameras deliver vivid high contrast colors with greater dynamic range of luminosity for liability and other assignments requiring professional photographs.

Our DJI Mavic Drones deliver 4K quality video and flat photos meeting every aerial monitoring need. Matterport 3-D immersive scans create a digital twin of homes and buildings to assist in determining loss and construction site progress for a fraction of costly time and effort for flat photo inspections.