Professional Investigation Services

Provides services to insurance companies, law firms, major corporations, and small businesses in California and across California.

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Sophisticated Street Smart Techniques

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What we do?

Field Investigation/Reporting

Our firm utilizes the most extensive, up-to-date nationwide information databases & private resources available. Turn-around time is dependent upon the type of search.

  •  Civil Litigation Support
  • Surveillance Liability Investigation
  • Social Media Investigations
  • Fraud Package Prep
  • Subrogation
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Locates/Skip-tracing
  • Witness Interviews/Recorded Statements
  • Videography
  • Social Security Verification
  • Bankruptcies
  • Corporate Records Search
  • Fictitious Business Name Search
  • Difficult Service of Process
  • Real Property Ownership
  • Drone Deployment
  • Workers Comp History
  • Civil/Criminal Court Records
  • Professional License Verification
  • UCC Filings
  • Business Licensing

AOE/COE & Sub Rosa Investigations

Workers’ Compensation

  • Non-intrusive claimant and Witness Interviews
  • Secure authorizations for information
  • Scene Photographs
  • Re-enactments / Videography
  • Hand-search Court Records
  • Comprehensive Report


  • Covert monitoring of ADL's securing video evidence for Defense
  • High resolution Digital format
  • Multiple versions of surveillance vehicles
  • Array of covert mobile, stationary camera equipment including drone deployment

Litigation Support

  • Comprehensive Interviews, Re-enactments


  • Pursuit of Third Party Liability and Asset Location


  • Provide Fraud training to Claims Team and Employers
  • Assemble and Present Fraud packages
  • Maintain open-line of communication with DA and DOI

Background Investigation

  • Social Media, Civil and Criminal Files, EAMS, DMV

Death Claims

Global Media Digital Footprint Mining


Service of Process

Start an Assignment.

Complimentary Training

Investigation & Fraud Training Series

We take the training onsite to you

The Investigation and Fraud Training Series is designed for workers’ compensation professionals:

  • Workers Compensation Claims – Seen Through Eyes of Your Investigator
  • Surveillance – When Someone is Watching
  • Fraud – Getting Your Cases Prosecuted

Training for the Insured/Employer

Training for the Insured/Employer

Coast to Coast Data Search will design and conduct free training for your insureds/employers on site, at their facilities.

This is a great way to provide training to your clients on the importance of investigation and how they can be more effective in information gathering to defend claims.

Workers Compensation Claims:

Workers Compensation Claims:

See Through The Eyes of Your Investigator

Class Length:  1 hour

Continuing Education Credit: Yes

Class Outline:  Detailed outline here..

  • Limitations
  • Case Law
  • Making a Game Plan
  • AOE/COE Investigation
  • Protecting Your Evidence
  • Tools of the Trace



When Someone is Watching

Class Length: 1 hour

Continuing Education Credit: Yes

Class Outline:  Detailed outline here..

  • Understanding the role of Sub Rosa in defending claims
  • When should you use Sub Rosa
  • How to protect your evidence
  • Related case law



Getting your Cases Prosecuted

Class Length: 1 hour

Continuing Education Credit: Yes

Class Outline:  Detailed outline here..

  • The steps to determine fraud
  • How to prepare your case for the DA
  • Why is it important to pursue fraud
  • How to protect you evidence
  • Yes, you can get your case prosecuted