David Dindak received a Criminal Justice BA in 1979. Continuing education he became a

Certified Polygraph Examiner in 1981. During the next 5 years he conducted some 5,000 examinations which provided extensive development of interviewing techniques used in the field of AOE/COE and other insurance fraud interviews.


He is the founder of Coast to Coast Data Search and belongs to various industry organizations in order to further develop expertise in Workers’ Compensation and Insurance investigations. Membership is held with Certified Fraud Examiners Association, Northern California Fraud Investigators Association, Disability Management Employers Coalition, and he serves as President of the South Bay Industrial Claims Association.   He also conducts Claims Personnel, Insured and industry event training seminars discussing how AOE/COE and Sub Rosa investigations assist with claims handling.


Key Personnel are available 24/7 via cell phone. Investigation Referral Forms can be furnished to Claim

Examiners via hard copy for faxing or call-in assignments, and PDF format as E-mail attachment.

Assignments can also be made through our web-based case management system. We will reach out to the Examiner with any questions.


An acknowledgement of assignment is generated at the time of assignment. During the course of

Investigation, the examiner will be provided status through that individual’s preferred medium and


Interactive whiteboard and electronic calendar assist with diary. Case progress is monitored between the field and QM David Dindak. Each and every investigation report is reviewed by David Dindak prior to being forwarded on to the Client. Furthermore, in-service file reviews are conducted with field investigators on a monthly basis.


Turn-around time is generally within 30 calendar days from date of assignment, and we typically work well within the guideline. This is barring unforeseen difficulty in scheduling Claimant and Witness interviews due to calendar conflicts, or as in Sub Rosa Investigation skip tracing a Claimant. However, time-line can be altered to meet your needs. Our ability to meet any time constraint is attributed to

keeping each investigator at a manageable caseload.


Reports can be submitted electronically, hard copy or both. Hard copies are stored in a lockable storage file cabinet and electronically.   Audio and video evidence is stored electronically on two separate hard drive systems that are password protected.


At time of hire, each investigator is required to sign an agreement to not disclose confidential

information as defined in the document. Case files and hardware are stored in lockable cabinets, and our office space is secured by entry alarm and CCTV cameras.


  • Non-intrusive claimant and Witness Interviews
  • Secure authorizations for information
  • Scene Photographs
  • Re-enactments / Videography
  • Hand-search Court Records
  • Comprehensive Report

Sub Rosa

  • Covert monitoring of ADL's securing video evidence for Defense
  • High resolution Digital format
  • Multiple versions of surveillance vehicles
  • Array of covert mobile and stationary camera equipment

Liability Investigation - Site Visits

  • Comprehensive Interviews, Re-enactments


  • Pursuit of Third Party Liability and Asset Location
  • SIU

    • Provide Fraud training to Claims Team and Employers
    • Assemble and Present Fraud packages
    • Maintain open-line of communication with DA and DOI

    Global Media Digital Footprint Mining

    Background Investigation

    • Social Media, Civil and Criminal Files, EAMS, DMV


    Death Claims

    Service of Process