The United States Postal Inspection Service has a new website dedicated to fighting fraud.  The website is called Delivering Trust, Delivering Justice.  With a title right out an old fifties cop show, you would think the site would be dry and daunting with pages of research and statistics.  It’s a surprise that the feds produced a comprehensive website that is interesting and interactive.

They not only give you tips on how to spot scam but for those among us who would rather watch TV than read a book there are videos on the subject as well.

For example, have you ever received an email or mail about a foreign sweepstake or lottery like the Irish sweepstakes, well did you know that all foreign sweepstakes or lotteries are illegal in the United States.

How about the advertisements you see on telephone poles for work at home jobs where you can earn $2,000 a week.  No such job exists.
My favorite part is the 10 tips given by The Chief Postal Inspector, Guy Cottrell and Delores J. Killette the USPS Vice President & Consumer Advocate.  The best tip in this section is: “No one needs your help to transfer money in and out of the United States.”  Remember this when a Nigerian Prince contacts you via email.

The Delivering Trust, Delivering Justice website is separate from the main United States Postal Inspection Service site and that is worth checking out as well.

The Home page has Scheme Alerts, Consumer Awareness information and even the latest Wanted & Reward Posters (the wanted poster section scrolls through the pictures of the bad guys and gals), just like they have in the Post office.

For United States Postal Inspection Service buffs, this site is all things USPS.  There is a fascinating link about the history of the agency.  The history is done as a timeline from 1737 with Benjamin Franklin as its first Post Master to the present. I was surprised to find out that 1971 was the first year women were hired as agents.

One more tip that has nothing to do with fraud but will be a big help during the holiday season with mailing all those packages.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is trying to help you avoid going to the post office to mail packages.  You can now pay for postage on the internet, print it and tape it to your package.  The post office has free boxes and they will mail them to you.  Best part of this campaign is that you can schedule a free pick-up of your packages.  Just schedule it through the internet on the USPS site through “carrier pick-up.”   Your own letter carrier will pick-up the packages for free, once you have scheduled online.

Lastly, use the online Postal Store to get all your stamps.  They have holiday stamps and stamps for special occasions like birthdays. They will mail your stamp order to you for a buck. The buck alone is worth the convenience.

With all these services you may never see the inside of a post office again.

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